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DANKE für die Winterhilfe!

Hallo alle Canispro e. V.

Hier ist Concha, the Queen Concha, from Murcia (Spain).

I´m really glad for all the packages you are sending to us for a better winter, specially for my new coat, I feel so hot and comfortable, and so IN FASHION, as the real Queen I am...I think it belongs to the new collection autum-winter 2012-2013, really cool!! hahahaha....

Here some pictures of yesterday, while I was taking my walk by the garden as every afternoon, puaaaff a so rainy day yesterday, but my coat is good even for the water!
You can see me here, what do you think? Do you like it? here the girls says it is the perfect coat for a top model. I believe it too...

Please, say only good words ...I am a very sensitive young girl ;)

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besten Wünsche

Thank you- Gracias!